May 10, 2021
Content writing

Content Writing, Tools and Tips.

Perfect Content

Content writing is the process of planning, writing, and editing web content. Reading a blog or an article content is like having a face-to-face conversation. If your conversation is boring, not to the point (irrelevant) most likely chances are other person don’t prefer to talk to you for a longer period of time or will ignore you. This example is not much different from a real-life scenario where a boring article often gets neglected & never ever makes its point.

So, here are tips & tools we recommend to hit bull’s eye:

Lesson 1: Create content that appeals

Have some catchy text or line within your title to grab as much the attention of your visitor when they land on your landing page.

Lesson 2: Be to the point

Just like real-world scenarios, people don’t want lengthy & boring articles. Be to the point.

Lesson 3: Use interactive infographics within your content

Minimal text & maximum use of infographics make your text more interactive, people hate to read text & love to see things when displayed in infographics.

Lesson 4: Use different tools and tags

Use of different tools and tags. e.g; using great fonts, bulletins makes your text look more structured.

Lesson 5: Do you research

Make sure you do proper research on the top or you have a great depth of knowledge in advance before you write on a topic.

Lesson 6: Focus

Make sure you don’t lose focus or purpose of writing it. It should always be a single topic article with simple content and to-the-point explanation.

Apart, from all these above points. You need to have some knowledge of basic HTML and CSS(if possible) to improve the reliability of your page. This basic web design knowledge and page design can further be optimized if you use some builder like elementor in WordPress, which makes things more visual & easy for you to customize your page by going in-depth of design code details.

Helpful tools for content writing:

Grammarly is a great tool to improve and make your text grammatically correct. Free Grammarly will serve your purpose at the initial level, but if you want in-depth style, tone, and improvements. You can go with the premium version.

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